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What are the basic types and characteristics of wine boxes?

Published by admin 2022-12-20

In our daily life, we will encounter a variety of wine box and wine box products, red wine box, white wine box, tea wine box and so on. So how are these wine boxes sorted? What are the categories and characteristics? Next, to give you a detailed explanation.

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According to the main body of the wine box is divided into: white wine box, red wine box, tea wine box, beer wine box, etc. Because the main body is different, the classification of wine boxes is different, design and production characteristics are also different. General liquor box is more common, red wine and tea wine box design and packaging more high-grade. Of course, the best of baijiu also comes in very high-end packaging.

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According to the production materials of the wine box, it can be divided into plastic wine box (acrylic wine box), paper wine box, wooden wine box, etc. In daily life, we are most common paper wine box, paper wine box because of the low cost, can be seen in life. For this, a few large brewery begins to use yaceli wine box or woodiness wine box, improve the grade of his wine with this and value. So, acrylic wine box and wooden wine box are more and more popular. Acrylic wine box is characterized by high transparency, different from paper wine box and wooden wine box. The wooden wine box is generally carved more delicate, belongs to the higher grade wine box, its cost and value are slightly higher than the acrylic wine box and paper wine box.

                             wine boxes
According to the use of wine box region to divide into: domestic wine box and foreign wine box. Mainly is the use of wine box region or region different. Foreign wine box is generally used by foreign trade enterprises.
The above is the basic classification and characteristics of the wine box, the packaging circle has made a simple introduction, if you have any questions, you can communicate with us at any time.

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